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  • 29.07.2011 09:12    Rubrics:  Incidents  
  • Drug distribution network has been liquidated in Vologda

  • Yesterday the narcocontrol employees suppressed activity of a group of persons distributing the so-called “smoking mixtures” in Vologda. It was found out that a 23-year old native of St. Petersburg living in Vologda for along time played a leading role in this crime business. He looked for middlemen and sold intoxicating smoking mixtures through them.

    The press-service of the State narcocontrol has reported that on July 27, three dealers were detained in their own cars in different parts of the city near large shopping centres. They turned out to be non-working young people born in 1983, 1980 and 1982 and living in Vologda.

    As a result of search of their cars the rest “goods” which the criminals prepared for selling were found out and withdrawn. Narcodealers took a rather creative approach to the sale of smoking mixtures. Packs were made with self-made labels, with a depiction of hookah, an inscription “Eastern joys” and the following instruction of the reverse side: “Ministry of Health warns: Smoking is dangerous for your health”, “The present goods aren’t subject to certification”. Young men tried their best, as each of them had more than 100 packs. And one of them had over 14 gram of hashish.

    Besides, the criminals had a kind of a cash desk. They marked receipts and expenditure of money from drugs sale and kept a record of clients. Proceedings have been initiated against all participants of drugs distribution.

Marina Lyeushkina



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