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  • 14.01.2014 09:30    Rubrics:  Health  
  • Regional Cardiovascular Center is due to be opened in Vologda in March 2014

  • It is planned that patients with stroke and infarction will be able to be treated there. It will help to decrease mortality rate among people suffering from circulatory diseases. New angiographic and X-ray machines and resuscitation wards will be located in the centre.

    New equipment and the angiographic machine will give a chance to make 126 kinds of medical procedures. Up to 600 patients will be able to receive specialized treatment in the centre every year. It is several times more than now.

    “The issue of reduction of mortality among people suffering from circulatory diseases is under constant control in the Public Health Department. Special attention is paid to medical examination of Vologda’s residents. For example, a seventh part of the population in the Vologda region was examined last year. 20 percent of the adult population had abnormalities. All patients were subjected to regular medical check-up. Opening of the new centre will help to reveal a disease as soon as possible and to combat it using the most up-to-date methods”, said Anna Chkhetiani, press secretary of the Public Health Department in the Vologda region.

    Means for the establishment of the centre are allocated from the federal and the regional budgets. The new cardiovascular center will be located in the Regional Children’s Hospital in Poshekhonskoye Shosse.

    It should be added that specialized examination and treatment of patients with heart and vascular diseases are arranged in the First City Hospital of Vologda. The specialized coronary angiography room was opened in 2011. Modern technologies are applied there - angiographic study of coronary arteries and endovascular surgery. Approximately 2000 people have been examined within this time.

Arina Prakhova



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