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  • 23.04.2014 17:01    Rubrics:  Society  Politics  
  • Vologda City Duma is celebrating its 20th anniversary

  • On April 23, parliamentarians accepted congratulations and received deserved awards from representatives of the city and regional authorities and the public.

    The Vologda City Duma traced its history back to 1994 when this body was called the Local Self-Government Council. It consisted of only 6 deputies. Mikhail Zaretsky was the chairman of the first council.

    “Moments of democracy were not alien to us. The first sessions lasted for a week, three days. We elected the chairman only in the third month of our work. Every person had own opinion”, remembered Mikhail Zaretsky.

    Mikhail Zaretsky was a deputy of all five dumas and worked his way up from formation of the City Duma to its heyday. According to him, preservation and development of the social sphere was the main achievement of work within these years. These principles remained the same during the whole 20-year long way.

    The deputies made over 6 thousand decisions and approved 40 development programs over these years. We were pioneers, that’s the right word, of democracy development in the Vologda region and in Russia in general in the 1990s”, noted Yuri Sapozhnikov, chairman of the Vologda City Duma.

    The current 5th duma is especially efficient. The deputy corps consisting of 30 people started to work in 2009. Five permanent committees on various issues have been established and over 2000 decision have been made within this time.

    According to Lyudmila Korotaeva, deputy of the Vologda City Duma, constructive relations with the Vologda City Administration were established during this convocation. Representatives of the executive and legislative authorities are sure even during discussions that any decision should be aimed at the city development.

    Therefore they manage to find solutions in the most complicated issues even in such difficult economic conditions. Today Vologda looks properly among other Russian cities.

    “We occupy the fifth place among cities with the population of more than 250 thousand people. 32 indices from safety and ecology to life activity of city dwellers were taken into account. And it is certainly the result of our joint work. I want to thank you for it”, said Head of the City Yevgeny Shulepov.

    There is still work to be done. It will also depend on the 6th duma how coordinated and efficient it will be. New elections for the Vologda City Duma will be held in September 2014.

Maria Pozdeeva



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