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  • 17.06.2014 18:07    Rubrics:  Health  
  • Vologdas cardiologist Gennady Banshchikov placed in second at All-Russian contest of doctors in 2014

  • The contest included 33 nominations. Over one hundred doctors who had been working according to their specialties at least for 10 years participated in it. On June 16, the contest commission summed up its results. Gennady Banshchikov, cardiologist of the Vologda Regional Clinical Hospital, chief free-lance physician of the Public Health Department in the Vologda region, was among those whose professional achievements were appreciated at a very high level.

    21 doctors took part in the nomination Best cardiologist. But all members of the jury voted for the Vologdas doctor. He took the second place and was given an honorary title. Gennady Banshchikov received and examined thousands of local residents within 46 years of this work in the sphere of cardiology. He became one of the founders of the modern therapeutic service in the Vologda region.

    Up-to-date diagnostics principles and effective mode therapy were introduced to the public health practice of the region with Gennady Banshchikovs active assistance. Thanks to it, within the last three years, the death rate of the patients of this profile has decreased by 7 percent, the disability rate - by 10 percent and the term of hospital stay almost by 20 percent, said specialists of the press-service in the Public Health Department of the Vologda region.

    It should be added that Gennady Banshchikov constantly cooperates with the Regional Preventive Care Centre and holds over 300 consultations a year. He is an ardent supporter of the healthy lifestyle promotion and one of the organizers of the projects Healthy Cities, Districts and Villages, Telephone of Health.

Alexandra Sher



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