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  • 01.07.2014 19:13    Rubrics:  Society  Politics  
  • United Russia party nominated Oleg Kuvshinnikov for gubernatorial election

  • This decision was made at the regional party conference in Vologda on July 1. According to the results of the secret ballot, the Acting Vologda Oblast Governor won the most votes of the delegates from the whole region.

    The candidate from the ruling party was determined at the primary election. It consisted of several stages first in Cherepovets, then in the regional capital. There were 5 candidates in the list. 240 electors from Vologda and 19 districts of the region voted for them. This method helps to secure maximum openness and democracy.

    The person that will be named a leader of the voting will be supported by the United Russia party. It is worth noting that we must certainly take into account the results of the primary election. It is not the consultative decision; it is the determinant decision in fact. I am sure that this model is correct, it has approved itself in many other campaigns. And it is our tradition, our rule to rely on the opinion of people when choosing the candidate, noted Alexey Kanaev, secretary of the regional branch of the party United Russia.

    Before the voting, the candidates told local residents about their programs. For example, Nikolay Dekterev, head of the Kaduy district, suggested paying more attention to local self-government. Roman Zavarin, deputy of the Oblast Legislative Assembly, placed the emphasis on the support of small- and medium-sized business. Fyodor Kazarinov, head of the one of the branches in the Rescue Training Centre Vytegra, spoke about development of culture and physical education and Igor Maklakov, chief doctor of the Vologda Regional Childrens Hospital - about problems in the social sphere. Acting Vologda Oblast Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov presented the program of the improvement of economic potential of the region.

    It is wonderful that we ask local population first and listen to the society, said Irina Duryagina, one of the electors.

    Vologdas residents elected three leaders out of five candidates: Oleg Kuvshinnikov, Nikolay Dekterev and Roman Zavarin. 111 people participated in the regional conference of the United Russia party and voted for them. As a result, Acting Vologda Oblast Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov got 94 percent of the votes.

    Oleg Kuvshinnikov has been holding the post of the Vologda Oblast Governor within 2,5 years and have approved himself as an experienced economic manager, a man who understands economy, and assigns people correctly. It is very important. In future, the newly elected Governor will have to work even in more difficult economic conditions than before, pointed out Georgy Shevtsov, head of the regional branch of the party United Russia and chairman of the Oblast Legislative Assembly.

    It is Oleg Kuvshinnikov who will be nominated from the United Russia party at the forthcoming gubernatorial election in the Vologda region. It is scheduled for September 14, 2014.

Maria Suvorova



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