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  • 14.09.2014 15:11    Rubrics:  Society  Politics  
  • Local citizens are electing Vologda Oblast Governor and deputies of Vologda City Duma

  • 140 polling stations were opened in Vologda at 8 o’clock. But first all ballot boxes were sealed up and the number of electors who had voted prior to the scheduled date was checked.

    Surnames of all voters are written in special lists. City dwellers signed their names there confirming the receipt of a ballot paper. 17 local residents at the polling station № 272 will vote for the first time. Special presents have been prepared for them.

    “We are giving the Constitution of the RF, calendars, and magnets with the symbols of the city and the region to those who first vote today”, said Olga Shalagina, chairperson of the polling station № 272.

    Acting Vologda Oblast Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov voted in Vologda this time. He said that September 14 was a usual workday for him.

    “Today is a working day for me. Like on all days when some mass events take place, we will control the local self-government bodies concerning the work of polling stations, will monitor law and order to avoid any remarks and violations”, noted Oleg Kuvshinnikov.

    It is also the task of Vologda’s Mayor Yevgeny Shulepov to control the work of polling stations and to provide them with all necessary things. He is visiting them during the day. But first of all, he cast his vote in the morning. The Vologda’s Mayor underlines that future depends on all of us.

    “Nobody should stand aside form the elections. Our life depends on them. What decisions will be made, especially in the legislative authority. It will determine the fate of all Russians, and certainly Vologda’s residents in many respects. That’s why if we want to shape the future ourselves, we must vote”, said Vologda’s Mayor Yevgeny Shulepov.

    The polling stations will be open till 20:00.

Alyona Zakataeva



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