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  • 11.12.2014 11:32    Rubrics:  Society  Health  
  • Life expectancy in Vologda increased to 70 years

  • The life expectancy in the regional centre in 2013 was 69,4 years and only 63 years in 2007. This result became possible thanks to the complex approach to the health issues starting from childhood and all stages of life.

    The concept “Vologda – City of Long-Livers” is being elaborated in the city on the instructions of Vologda’s Mayor Yevgeny Shulepov to nail down this success and to achieve the new one. It includes several direction of work: healthy nutrition, physical activity, mental health, fighting bad habits, early diagnostics. The main goal of the concept is to increase life expectancy and birth rate in the city and to decrease mortality rate.

    Thanks to the work in all directions, we can already see positive changes in Vologda. The natural population growth made up over 500 people in 2014.

    Local residents become more interested in healthy lifestyle. New sports facilities are constructed. And now every third city dweller does sports. The environmental situation also helps to solve the task of health preservation. In 2014, Vologda was among three cleanest cities in Russia and earlier it was recognized as the most harmonious city. Deputies of the Vologda City Duma will consider the concept “Vologda – City of Long-Livers” at a session in December. And Vologda will see the New Year in under the slogan “To Live Till 100 Years of Age is Real!”

    One more component of the good result is development and equipment of medical institutions with up-to-date facilities. The Regional Cardiovascular Surgery Center was opened in Vologda in 2014. The Vologda Regional Oncologic Dispensary got additional diagnostic equipment. 56 thousand inhabitants of Vologda had period health examination in 2014. The children’s and adult health centres are open in Vologda. They are located in the polyclinics.

Alexandra Sher



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