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  • 03.04.2015 13:37    Rubrics:  Society  Politics  HAU  
  • Initiative of Vologdas Mayor was endorsed

  • Yevgeny Shulepov gave a report about execution of the Russian Presidents decree on the rehousing of people living in dangerous and dilapidated structures at the annual congress of the Union of Cities of Russian Centre and North-West.

    They also discussed prospects and problems of site development in the modern cities. Vologdas Mayor Yevgeny Shulepov shared experience of work in this direction. For example, in accordance with the new Master Plan of the regional capital, the total area of the city will be increased by 35 percent. The demand for new houses will also grow. The pace of construction is the record one at present. Last year 185 thousand square metres of housing were built and put into service. This year they plan to put into operation almost 200 thousand square metres of housing. And by 2025, the city authorities intend to construct housing at the rate of one square meter per every citizen, i.e. 300 thousand square metres a year.

    Work on the execution of the Presidents decree is carried out at the same time. It is necessary to provide over 1400 families living in dangerous and dilapidated structures with new flats in Vologda. It is almost 300 houses.

    It is a very important and topical issue for our city. We have constructed over 35 thousand square metres of housing, but we need 3 billion roubles to complete this work. Nevertheless, we will use not only our own recourses, but also business for it. We will attract businessmen to develop built-up areas, noted Vologdas Mayor Yevgeny Shulepov.

    They have determined 15 areas in different parts of the city. It is planned to erect 130 houses for people living in dangerous and dilapidated structures there.

    Besides, Yevgeny Shulepov put forward several initiatives that were endorsed by the Union of Cities of Russian Centre and North-West. One of them was to extend the implementation period of the rehousing program till 2020. It is worth reminding that all buildings recognized as dilapidated and dangerous till 2012 are to be destroyed by 2017 in accordance with the current legislation.

    The Mayor of Vologda also came forward with an initiative to reduce the construction standard of low-income housing and mortgage rates.

Maria Suvorova



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