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  • 01.07.2015 14:56    Rubrics:  Society  Health  
  • 2016 is announced Year of Health in Vologda

  • Vologda’s Mayor Yevgeny Shulepov declared it at the meeting of the Council of Protection and Promotion of Local Citizens’ Health. The city authorities together with representatives of the public health sphere discussed the plan of work aimed at the implementation of the concept of active longevity.

    The basics of every person’s health are healthy eating, physical activity, mental health, fight with bad habits and early diagnostics. These very directions formed the fundamentals of the program document “Vologda – City of Long-Livers” implemented in the regional capital. On July 1, the city authorities together with representatives of the public health sphere discussed the detailed plan of work with local inhabitants of different age. To make health the main value for everybody is the priority task. It was decided to announce 2016 the Year of Health in Vologda to make the healthy lifestyle movement larger and to involve all city dwellers into it.

    “We have decided at the meeting to announce 2016 the Year of Health in our city. We will specially prepare for it: will elaborate a number of events, contests, festivals, sports competitions, training seminars in hygiene, healthy eating, and physical education among all levels of the population. We will try to embrace local citizens of different age – both young and old. Health is our main value, number one priority”, underlined Vologda’s Mayor Yevgeny Shulepov.

    Moreover, the joint plans of the regional and city authorities include establishment of a centre of medical prevention and a rehabilitation centre. It is also intended to increase the number of general practitioners working in the residential areas. Separate work will be carried out with children of kindergartens and pupils. The Mayor instructed to check the quality of food in the educational institutions and to correct it if necessary.

    Besides, Yevgeny Shulepov ordered to examine the residential areas under construction to check availability of necessary infrastructure for doing sports. In general, the complex approach is to give a chance to achieve the set goal of the concept by 2035 – to make everything so that residents of Vologda could live till 100 years.

Maria Suvorova



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