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  • 07.08.2015 13:26    Rubrics:  Society  HAU  
  • Two streets of Vologda were overhauled

  • Karl Marx and Fryazinovskaya Streets were repaired and put into service yesterday. Local residents, representatives of the territorial public self-government body Vodniki and Vologdas Mayor Yevgeny Shulepov took part in the solemn ceremony. The Mayor tested the repaired road bed, going together with local cyclists along Karl Marx Street.

    The road in Fryazinovskaya Street has two lanes now. It is 8 metres wide. Karl Marx Street is a four-lane road that is 11,5 metres broad. The builders have coated the section that is 1900 metres long with three layers of asphalt and have made all necessary road infrastructure.

    There are over 150 parking places along the roads, new lighting has been installed, and green zones have been made. Soon we will place modern road signs that will be illuminated at night and will lay tactile plates for visually impaired people, noted Pavel Volkov, director of the contracting company the LLC Magistral.

    It cost 280 million roubles to overhaul two key streets of the Vodniki microdistrict. These means were allocated from the city, the regional and the federal budges. Both city authorities and local residents monitored all stages of the repair. As a result, everything has been made in such a way as people wanted.

    The initial project was different. But we gathered with local inhabitants several times and discussed all suggestions. As a result, all their requests were taken into account when implementing the project. Bicycle paths and pedestrian crossings are made in such a way as it could be more convenient for citizens, pointed out Vologdas Mayor Yevgeny Shulepov.

    We had a lot of questions during the repair, but we always received answers that satisfied us. We constantly met with the heads of the project, stated our requests and remarks and they were taken into account. In general, we are satisfied with the result of our joint work, said Natalya Zelenina, chairperson of the territorial public self-government body Vodniki.

    The Mayor of Vologda together with the contractor and local residents signed an acceptance report of the long-awaited facility. It is a symbol of successful joint work of the city authorities, business and citizens.

Yegor Kanavin



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