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  • 02.09.2015 16:40    Rubrics:  HAU  
  • New pavement was made in Burmaginykh Street

  • The new one kilometer long pavement was built in the middle of August at the business expense. The road furniture became a part of the construction of the Chapel of St. Gerasimus of Vologda.

    Participating in the erection of the chapel, the entrepreneurs decided to repair the road as well. The number of parishioners increases and it means the number of pedestrians in this street also grows.

    “The decision to build this pavement was made together with local business. Now people can go along the asphalted footpath near the traffic area, but not along the road. In future we will consider the issue of repair of the road surface”, noted Anton Musikhin, deputy head of the Department of Urban Development and Infrastructure in the Vologda City Administration.

    Besides, it is planned to beautify the adjacent area, namely, to make laws along the footpath. This work will be also carried out with the help of business.

Yulia Savintseva



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