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  • 06.09.2015 12:29    Rubrics:  HAU  Culture  Tourism  
  • Viewing platform is installed in Prechistenskaya Embankment

  • The most difficult stage from the technical point of view is already over – all 362 piles have been driven. They form the basis for the solid-cast headwall that is being concerted now. The builders will have to use almost 500 cubic metres of concrete to carry out this work at the section of 400 metres. This mortar will become only firmer with time; therefore it is the main material here. Concrete is also used to assemble a viewing platform.

    The viewing platform will be made in the shape of a semicircle. A short flight of stairs will be attached to it from the top. It means people will be able to go to the water. When the water level is high, waves will splash right against the headwall”, said Alexey Sharopaev, chief engineer of the contracting company - LLC “Magistal”.

    It will be also possible to go down the steps to the Vologda River from the side of Lermontov Street. The main staircase has been almost built there. Soon steps will be made on three other additional staircases. A framework for them is being assembled now. The builders have already started to erect a decorative brick fence. It will be built only at the mouth of the Sodema River where the embankment will have two levels.

    As soon as the bank protection is completed, the builders will begin to make the slopes. They will be concerted first and then pebbled. They will need almost 100 thousand cobblestones for it.

    The embankment reconstruction is to be completed till the end of 2015. Now everything is on schedule. 20 people work on the site every day using up to 10 units of heavy equipment.

    It is safe to say now that the Prechistenskaya Embankment will become a pearl of the tourist project “Nason-City”. It is included into the federal program of tourism development and its main aim is to unite all sights located in the historical part of Vologda in a single walking tour.

Alyona Zakataeva



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