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  • 23.09.2015 10:58    Rubrics:  HAU  
  • Almost 3,5 km of Shogrash River mouth will be beautified in Vologda

  • At present specialists are strengthening the bank of the Shogrash River using pebbles. Work on one side has been completed. It is necessary to avoid slumping of earth during floods.

    “Next week we plan to continue deepening the bed of the Shogrash River. We will have to dredge the section under the bridge in Mozhaisky Street and to move further to Kozlyonskaya Street”, said Olga Tikhova, head of the Ecology Office in the Department of Urban Development and Infrastructure in the Vologda City Administration.

    It is worth reminding that this work started in winter. Garbage and superfluous soil were removed at the section from Lovenetsky to Mozhaysky Streets. The banks were strengthened. They used special stones about 30 cm in diameter for it.

    It should be added that 22 million roubles were channeled from the federal budget for this project. Its aim is to improve the environmental conditions of the river.

Alyona Zakataeva



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