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  • 28.09.2015 16:22    Rubrics:  Education  Tourism  
  • Excursion lessons of Vologda were awarded at federal level

  • The experience of Vologda in the integration of tour programs into the educational process of schools was appreciated at the 20th All-Russian Forum of Organizers of Childrens and Youth Holidays Anapa 2015 Development Strategy of Childrens Rest 2020.

    This event was organized by the All-Russian Association of Public Organizations Promoting Childrens Rest and Health Improvement Children Plus with the assistance of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF, the Ministry of Sport of the RF, the Academy of Advanced Training and Retraining of Education Workers in the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF.

    According to the results of the forum, the travel agency TourClub Pilgrim representing Vologda became the laureate in the nomination of programs and researches Science and Practice of Provision of Childrens and Youth Rest.

    We presented a course of tours of the local sights elaborated by our company. It touches on the humanities and natural science subjects of the curriculum. Such lessons include both tours of Vologda and trips to the Russian cities and districts of the Vologda region, said Marina Olshanskaya, representative of the travel agency.

    Such lessons have been conducted in the schools of Vologda since the beginning of 2015. For example, on the threshold of the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, bus tours of the places in Vologda connected with military events were organized for pupils of the School 5. And children from the Gymnasium 2 visited Belozersk at the end of the previous school year.

    It should be added that the excursion lessons in Vologda are conducted within the framework of the implementation of the state interregional educational program Lessons of Russian Cities. The experience of the regional capital interested representatives of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities at the forum in Anapa.

Alexander Spirichev



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