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  • 02.10.2015 13:33    Rubrics:  Sport  
  • Vologdas shooter is candidate for participation in Rio 2016

  • The executive committee of the Shooting Union of Russia approved the list of possible participants in the 2016 Summer Olympics. Six athletes, including Ekaterina Korshunova representing the shooting sports club Sniper (Vologda), were selected in the category small-caliber pistol, 10 metres.

    Selecting the sportsmen, we took into account both the shooting technique and overall physical condition and sports psychology. They will train from October to July. Training camps will be arranged both in Russia and abroad. And in May, after the World Cup stage in Brazil, we will learn who will represent our country at the 2016 Summer Olympics, noted specialists of the Shooting Union of Russia.

    It is worth reminding that the last achievement of Ekaterina Korshunova is the bronze medal of the First European Games in Baku. She placed in third in the Olympic event the 10 m air rifle pistol - with 388 points and established the new record of Vologda and the Vologda region.

Alyona Zakataeva



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