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  • 02.10.2015 14:12    Rubrics:  Society  Tourism  
  • Finishing work began in Prechistenskaya Embankment

  • The builders are pebbling the slopes. They will need almost 100 thousand decorative paving stones for it. Besides, they have started to assemble the stairs to the viewing platform located at the water’s edge near the footbridge.

    The stairs from the side of Lermontov Street have been already built. They are also constructing steps leading to the water at the mouth of the Sodema River. They sowed the river bank with clover and erected decorative fences there.

    “Now 25 people are working on the site. They are using 10 units of heavy equipment for face-work and strengthening of the banks”, said Alexey Sharopaev, chief engineer of the contracting company - LLC “Magistal”.

    It is worth reminding that the contracting organization replaced some utility lines in the Prechistenskaya Embankment and asphalted the road surface from Red Bridge to Lermontov Street in summer. The embankment is being reconstructed within the framework of the project “Nason-City”. Its goal is to unite all sights located in the historical part of Vologda in a single walking tour.

Alyona Zakataeva



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