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  • 07.10.2015 11:44    Rubrics:  Sport  
  • Three indoor volleyball grounds are constructed in Vologda

  • The sports grounds are located at the Locomotive stadium. They are being built thanks to the targeted subsidy of the Vologda City Administration and the assistance of the OJSC Lukoil. The Development Fund of Childrens Volleyball VolleyTime became the winner of two grant contests. The new sports grounds are being equipped thanks to the received money.

    Three grounds are equipped with all necessary things. It will be possible to play volleyball and football both in winter and summer there. These new spaces will be used both for trainings and tournaments, said Denis Malyukov, representative of the sports club VolleyTime.

    The volleyball grounds will be opened in spring 2016. It is planned to hold the first volleyball competitions at the Locomotive stadium on the occasion of Victory Day.

Alyona Zakataeva



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