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  • 09.10.2015 16:05    Rubrics:  Education  
  • First television space bridge with Argentina took place in Vologda

  • Representatives of Vologda Business Institute and Argentine University of Enterprise discussed prospects of interacademic cooperation. The television space bridge was held on October 9. Pupils, students, representatives of the administration of the universities and the Russian Embassy in Argentina participated in the event.

    “Argentine University of Enterprise has two-centuries old history. Today it is in the top ten of the best universities of Latin America. Its educational program is similar to Vologda Business Institute: economy, management, design. We are glad to present our experience and hope to pick up something new from you”, said the secretary of the Academic Council of Argentine University of Enterprise.

    Exchange of experience is the main task of the television space bridge. Over 50 questions were asked during one hour and a half. Everything about culture and organization of the training process in Argentina. This television space bridge is the first one in the history of the institute, but it is a part of the large work in the field of international collaboration.

    “At present Vologda Business Institute actively works with the leading universities of Finland, Germany and France. This year we will conclude an agreement with a university of Switzerland to give as much knowledge and experience as possible to our students”, said Maxim Bochkov, head of the Department of Marketing and International Cooperation in Vologda Business Institute.

    It should be added that the television space bridge was organized during the Russia-Argentina Cross-Year of Culture. Besides, the Days of Argentina were held in Vologda Business Institute in late September. Students learnt about aesthetic and intellectual achievements of Argentina.

Alexander Spirichev



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