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  • 11.10.2015 12:00    Rubrics:  Society  
  • Vologdas Mayor is on board of Union of Russian Cities

  • According to the results of the general meeting of the Union of Russian Cities that was held in Chelyabinsk in early October, Vologdas Mayor Yevgeny Shulepov became a member of the board of this union.

    It is worth reminding that the Union of Russian Cities is an All-Russian organization founded in 1991 to represent interests of urban municipal formations at the federal level. Today the union includes over 87 large and medium-sized cities of the Russian Federation with the population of about 60 million people.

    The Union of Russian Cities has been working on inter-municipal cooperation and development of urban agglomerations over the last few years. The experts elaborated guidelines of organizational and legal frameworks of urban management, conceptual approaches to preparation of documents of strategic planning.

    It should be added that the conference Role of Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Urban Development took place during the meeting. Vologda presented the report Social Innovations as an Important Factor of Inter-Municipal Cooperation.

Alexander Spirichev



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