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  • 12.10.2015 15:46    Rubrics:  Society  
  • Experimental Dairy Plant in Vologda was modernized

  • The plant was overhauled and a part of special small-sized equipment was replaced. 3,5 million roubles were invested in the modernization of the experimental shop at the Experimental Dairy Plant of Vologda State Dairy Farming Academy named after Nikolai Vereshchagin. Representatives of the State Duma, the regional authorities and Vologda’s Mayor Yevgeny Shulepov inspected the renovated scientific and production ground on October 12.

    The whole line of dairy products - cottage cheese, yoghurt, sour cream, kefir, butter – is manufactured in the experimental shop of Vologda State Dairy Farming Academy. Besides, new kinds of goods are developed there. The plant is unique because all devices there are the same as at the real factory, but only ten times smaller, especially for small volume of produce and educational tasks. Students have been training there for 30 years.

    “There is a laboratory with unique equipment. Post-graduate students work there. They try to improve the quality of goods produced at the plant and certainly make their contribution to the development of science of dairy products manufacture”, explained Valery Bogomolov, auditor of the Russian Audit Chamber.

    The deputies, the regional and the city authorities appreciated the laboratory facilities.

    “The knowledge that our students acquire on this ground is in-demand at all enterprises of Russia now because the level of theoretical training and practical skills of the graduates of the academy is very high”, noted Andrey Lutsenko, First Deputy Governor of the Vologda region.

    Such cooperation between education and real production is the credo stated by Nikolai Vereshchagin, founder of the plant, in the late 19th century. The current management of the enterprise and the academy follows this principle. As a result, the factory annually processes about 60 thousand tons of milk, over 400 specialists of top-qualification work at the enterprise. These are mainly people who have been trained there.

    “The plant trains personnel not only for itself, but for the dairy industry of our region. It is Alma Mater; it trains workers for our city, exactly for dairy industry that is one of the most important branches of the city economy”, noted Vologda’s Mayor Yevgeny Shulepov.

    10 percent of the goods produced in the city are manufactured at the Experimental Dairy Plant. The volume of produce has increased by 20 percent within the last there years. It has provided assured treasury revenues and jobs.

Maria Suvorova



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