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  • 13.10.2015 16:29    Rubrics:  Society  
  • Church of St. Dmitry Prilutsky is restored

  • The winter church located in 6th Army Embankment has been restored for over 10 years running, but only now they are being carried out at a proper pace thanks to private funds. They have already restored the door and are restoring the frescoes on the ceiling now.

    It is unknown how the frescoes originally looked; therefore the restorers discuss what and where to paint right on site. There are dozens of variants. The murals are being restored at the expense of the parish. The rest – thanks to private donations of local people.

    It is not the first similar experience of the current dean of the Church of St. Dmitry Prilutsky. Father Nikolay constructed a church from the ground up at the former place of his service near Rostov. He conducted the first liturgy there and then was called to the Vologda region.

    It was difficult to find people, not everybody responded, we had to run a lot. One local woman made all windows in the church; another one plastered and installed wiring”, said Father Nikolay.

    The parishioners say that St. Dmitry Prilutsky helps them to restore the church. He is compared with St. Sergius of Radonezh in his strength and status.

    It is worth reminding that in all, 30 churches will be restored in the regional capital. The city authorities and the Vologda Metropole take into account the federal budget, but the issue of private donations is also topical.

Yulia Makhova



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