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  • 16.10.2015 15:52    Rubrics:  Education  
  • Vologdas school was named after Vasily Belov

  • A solemn ceremony was held on October 16. Representatives of the city authorities, relatives of Vasily Belov, teachers and pupils of the School 21 took part in it.

    Our city is carrying out large work on memorialization of outstanding fellow-townsmen. We remember and honour our composer Valery Gavrilin, artist Vladimir Korbakov and certainly writer Vasily Belov who is directly connected with our city, said Irina Sultanshina, deputy head of the Department of Humanitarian Policy in the Vologda City Administration.

    The writers sister, Alexandra Martyanova, was accepting special congratulations on this day. She worked as a teacher of drawing during 9 years and always taught her pupils to read books. She remembers that her brother was fond of reading since childhood.

    The Second All-Russian Belov Readings are due to start in Vologda on October 21. The literary marathon We Read Belov will be held and the Memorial Flat of Vasily Belov will be opened in our city.

    It should be added that the Museum of Vasily Belov was also opened in the School 21 on October 16. The idea of its foundation was suggested in 2002 when a small exhibition about the writers creative work was opened in the classroom of literature in this educational institution.

Maria Pozdeeva



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