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  • 22.10.2015 18:40    Rubrics:  Culture  
  • Belov Readings will result in book publication

  • Belovs Collection will contain works of the researchers of the creative activity of the famous local writer from all over Russia. All of them were presented within the framework of the scientific program of the Second All-Russian Belov Readings held in the regional capital during these days.

    The scientific program of the forum became even larger this year. There were three sections about the creative work of Vasily Belov, study of literature of the Vologda region at school and popularization of the literary heritage of the region. In all, about 70 papers were read; many of them contained innovative ideas in various directions.

    Teachers and specialists in teaching methods introduced new approaches to the study of the Belovs works. First of all, the task is to interest pupils in reading. Besides, some new phenomena in the literature of Vologda in general are connected with Belov. Therefore the idea of the Vologdas text and Belov as one of the innovators in this direction is certainly a new idea, noted Gury Sudakov, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor, head of the Sub-Department of Russian Language, Journalism and Communication Theory in Vologda State University.

    This part of the literary forum will result in the publication of the book Belovs Collection that will contain reports given at the sections. Some of them were presented by representatives of the leading universities of Russia, including Moscow and St. Petersburg State Universities.

    All this should arouse additional interest not only in the Belovs works, but also the book and reading in general. It is the main goal of the readings inspired by Vologdas Mayor Yevgeny Shulepov.

Yulia Savintseva



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