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  • 22.10.2015 14:11    Rubrics:  Economy  
  • Vologdas enterprise established joint Russian-Belarusian production

  • The complex of ultrasonic baths destined for rinsing large optical details were tested at the Scientific Industrial Enterprise Alexandra Plus. These tests were organized together with the employees of the Belarusian enterprise Optical Machine-Tool Building and Vacuum Engineering.

    Two innovation companies reached a cooperation agreement in summer 2015 when the delegation from Minsk visited Vologda and estimated the potential of the local enterprise.

    The Belarusian company elaborates technologies and equipment for optical engineering and synthesis of artificial diamonds. Our ultrasonic baths will be included into the complicated line that is being developed by our partners from Minsk at the commission of the enterprise the manufacturer of fuel elements and assembly units for the nuclear industry and the defence complex, noted representatives of the Scientific Industrial Enterprise Alexandra Plus.

    Prospects of further development in such projects are being discussed now. It is worth reminding that in 2015, the company of Vologda constructed a new shop for manufacture of large optical details and presented the economic potential of Vologda at the International Specialized Exhibition Import Substitution as a member of the regional delegation.

    The city authorities support such enterprises that count on development and increase in capacity. For instance, specialists maintain a database, give consultations, and render assistance in the solution of legal issues. Inspections to the enterprises in the course of which specific tasks are solved together with the management of the companies are regularly arranged on the instructions of Vologdas Mayor Yevgeny Shulepov.

Alexander Spirichev



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