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  • 24.10.2015 13:24    Rubrics:  Culture  
  • Works of St. Petersburg artists will be displayed in Vologda

  • The opening ceremony of the exhibition Mukha will be held in the entre of ulture Red Corner on October 27. It will present works of the artists from St. Petersburg. A private collector has been gathering the pictures in a single display for 15 years and it will start the series Private Collections.

    Residents and guests of Vologda will be able to see pictures of Viktor Anufriev, Sergey Kalachyov, Fofa Rabearivelo, and Alexander Trineev. All of them are graduates of the Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy, known in the Soviet times as the Vera Mukhina Higher School of Art and Design. Therefore the exhibition is called Mukha it is the brief name of this educational institution.

    Fofa Rabearivelo is a native of Madagascar, a member of the Union of Russian Artists. His works are kept in the private collections of Russia, Madagascar, France, the USA and Holland. Sergey Kalachyov is an artist from Saint Petersburg and also a member of the Union of Russian Artists. Viktor Anufriev is famous in Russia for the pictures created in the pop art style and icons. Alexander Trineev is a member of the group Fighting Elephants and Association of Free Artists. His exhibitions were staged in various cities of the country, Norway and Poland.

    The display will be open at 2 Kozlyonskaya Street till November 26.

Maria Suvorova



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