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  • 24.10.2015 13:03    Rubrics:  HAU  Tourism  
  • Reconstruction of Prechistenskaya Embankment is at finishing stage

  • At present the workers are completing placing decorative cobble stones on the slope of the Vologda River. They have already reveted four stairs from the side of the mouth of the Sodema River, assembled the steps leading to the viewing platform neat the footbridge.

    “Now we are bringing soil to make the upper part of the river bank. We will need about 4 thousand cubic metes of the material. Next week we plan to build the pavement along the river”, said Alexey Sharopaev, chief engineer of the contracting company - LLC “Magistal”.

    It is worth reminding that beautification of the embankment started in spring. The workers strengthened the bank line, drove 360 piles at the water’s edge, and constructed the monolithic wall that would prevent earth slide during spring flood. Besides, they have made the second tier of the embankment at the mouth of the Sodema River, replaced the utility lines at the section from Zosimovskaya to Lermontov Streets.

    It was intended to put the facility into operation till December 25. But on the instructions of Vologda’s Mayor Yevgeny Shulepov, the reconstruction of the embankment is to be completed till December 1. It is planned that it will be one more place of rest of city dwellers and tourists. The beautified embankment will occupy a rightful place in the walking tour of the tourist project “Nason-City” that is to unite all sights in the historical part of Vologda.

Alyona Zakataeva



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