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  • 28.10.2015 18:38    Rubrics:  Culture  
  • Exhibition Mukha was opened in Vologda

  • This display is the first one within the framework of the new creative cycle Private Collections.

    It presents pictures with iconographic scenes, beautiful places of Madagascar and unique landscapes. They were painted by Viktor Anufriev, Sergey Kalachyov, Fofa Rabearivelo, and Alexander Trineev. Residents and guests of Vologda can see over 40 works and all of them belong to one collector from St. Petersburg.

    This exhibition begins the cycle of displays Private Collections. Its name Mukha can be easily explained - graduates call the Vera Mukhina Higher School of Art and Design, now the Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy, in such a way in mass media. All four artists whose pictures are presented in Vologda have graduated from this academy, said Anna Fomenko, manager of the entre of ulture Red Corner.

    The display Mukha will be open at 2 Kozlyonskaya Street till November 26. Everybody can visit it in the entre of ulture Red Corner.

Maria Pozdeeva



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