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  • 28.10.2015 14:57    Rubrics:  HAU  Tourism  
  • Bank protection and paving with decorative pebbles are completed

  • The reconstruction of the Prechistenskaya Embankment is at finishing stage. At present almost all heavy equipment is used to build the upper part of the river bank. They brought about 10 thousand cubic metres of soil to make the pedestrian zone.

    Decorative pebbles occupy two thirds of the slope. The rest will be sowed with lawn grass. Now the water level in the river is 50 cm higher that the lower border of the bank. The viewing platform and the revetment wall are completely under water. Such natural features were initially taken into account when reconstructing the facility, therefore the slope was paved with pebbles – it prevents earth slide.

    People will be able to get to the viewing platform only in summer when the water level is lower. But everybody will be able to admire views of the river from the steps. Now they are being reveted. Then they will have to decorate the hand-rail and fencing. This work has been already carried out at the mouth of the Sodema River. The slopes are being made there - the so-called Reno mattresses are being installed. This technology is named after the inventor - the Italian engineer of the 18th century. The structure made of net is filled with stones and fixed to the slope. When grass grows through the pebbles in spring, such revetment will blend with the environment.

    According to the contract, the facility is to be put into service by the end of the year, but fulfilling the task set by Vologda’s Mayor Yevgeny Shulepov, the contractor will complete the work earlier – not later than on December 1.

    “We plan to complete building pavements and asphalting next week. According to the weather forecasters, weather will permit to carry out this work”, said Alexey Sharopaev, chief engineer of the contracting company - LLC “Magistal”.

    The renovated embankment will occupy a rightful place in the walking tourist route that is to unite all sights in the historical part of Vologda. This is the aim of the project “Nason-City” within the framework of which the facility is being reconstructed mainly thanks to federal means. Thanks to active position of the regional and city authorities, the new embankment was included into the federal program of the development of domestic and incoming tourism.

Alyona Zakataeva



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