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  • 28.10.2015 11:21    Rubrics:  Education  
  • Innovation project of Vologdas student was awarded at international contest

  • Veronika Smirnova, representative of the Vologda Building College, became the winner of the International Youth Design Competition Shape the Future 2015! She claimed a win in the special nomination Choice of Web Community. Veronika Smirnova was given the diploma of the prestigious contest for her thesis One-Storeyed Dwelling House with an Attic and a chance to get a status of Autodesk Expert of the Standard level.

    Shape the Future 2015! is an open youth contest of projects made using Autodesk software. Its goal is to increase motivation of young people and teachers of educational institutions to application of up-to-date software products and technologies of designing, creation of conditions for revelation of creative abilities and intellectual potential of the youth, noted specialists of the Education Department in the Vologda region.

    It should be added that this contest is held by the International Company Autodesk that elaborated a wide range of replicated software products for architects, engineers and designers. This year the number of participants was over 500 people. The expert commission consisted of employees of this international company, winners of the contest TOP-100 of teachers of Autodesk-2014 and professionals of the branch.

Maria Pozdeeva



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