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  • 28.10.2015 19:14    Rubrics:  HAU  
  • Governor and Mayor inspected workmanship of overhaul program

  • Representatives of the regional and city authorities accepted one of the houses in Nekrasov Street of Vologda after its capital repairs on October 28.

    The house № 47 in Nekrasov Street was built over 50 years ago. The façade, the roof and the utility lines required repair. The workers replaced wooden structures of the roof, guttering, and electric wiring, strengthened balconies and painted the front. The overhaul lasted for two months and cost 7 million roubles. First of all, representatives of the authorities were interested in local residents’ opinion of the repair.

    “The result is excellent. Nothing was repaired in the house for many years. And now everything has been done. We are certainly satisfied”, said Roman Trutnev living at 47 Nekrasov Street.

    The Vologda Oblast Governor and the Vologda’s Mayor underlined that all work had been carried out well and on time. The same must be done with all buildings included into the new regional overhaul program destined for the next 30 years.

    “At present there are over 11000 houses in the overhaul program of the Vologda region. This list is not full – those buildings that require capital repairs will be added into it in future. Every year we will increase the amount of money channeled for these purposes. For instance, this year we will repair 230 houses and next year – 520”, commented Vologda Oblast Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov.

    2500 houses are to be overhauled only in Vologda. Now different deadlines of the overhaul of various elements of each building are mentioned in the program. But the most efficient way is to fully repair the house. This is the opinion of the regional and city authorities.

    We are sure that we should use a complex approach to the overhaul of houses: we should repair a yard, porches, a basement, a façade, balconies, roofs and utility lines at the same time. Therefore when planning the overhaul for next year, we will use this very approach”, noted Vologda’s Mayor Yevgeny Shulepov.

    However, an active attitude of local people is very important for successful implementation of this program. First of all, it concerns means for the overhaul that citizens of Vologda transfer to the regional fund. The collection in Vologda makes up over 80 percent that is more than 246 million roubles – it is the best index in the region on the whole.

    It is also significant for citizens to take part in the repair process itself. They should hold general meetings in time with the help of councils of houses, join the preparation of estimates, control the course of work – then the final result will satisfy everybody.

Yegor Kanavin



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