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  • 29.10.2015 12:12    Rubrics:  Society  
  • Miracle-working icon of Virgin was presented in Vologda

  • The miracle-working icon of the Virgin “Support of the Humble” was brought to Vologda from the Monastery of the Presentation of the Virgin in Kiev. Residents and guests of the city could pray in front of this image in three local churches during two weeks.

    The believers flowed in a steady stream. The miracle-working icon from the Monastery of the Presentation of the Virgin in Kiev became widely known after the miraculous appearance: in 1992, the monks noticed that the image darkened; they opened the cover of the icon-case and saw a clear replica of the image on the glass.

    That year became the year of the church split in the Ukraine. People hesitated in what church they should go. The Queen of Heaven gave her sign and showed where the true church was. The scholars examined that event during a year and came to a conclusion that the imprint on the glass was a miracle; it was not made by hand. They couldn’t explain how it had happened”, said Father Superior Longin, monk of the Monastery of the Presentation of the Virgin in Kiev.

    The Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church decreed the following two years later: the icon of the Virgin “Support of the Humble” should be venerated as miracle-working. The monks who have brought it to Vologda say that a lot of miracles were accomplished since that time and the image helped and healed many people. A gold cover was made for the icon thanks to those gifts that people brought as a token of gratitude for assistance within two decades. Two gold rings were brought to the icon in Vologda. Nobody had time to ask the donors about the good deeds that the Virgin did, because the image returned to Kiev. The priests of the churches say that they received it with joy and let it go with a pity.

Yulia Makhova



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