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  • 29.10.2015 15:30    Rubrics:  Culture  
  • Spectators can spend night at theatres of Vologda

  • The theatres of the regional capital will be open at night for the first time on November 3. The Vologda Puppet Theatre Teremok and the Vologda Theatre for Children and Youth invite spectators to join in an unusual action.

    An interactive program and the performance CONCERTO GROSSO will be presented to residents and guests of the city in the Vologda Puppet Theatre Teremok.

    CONCERTO GROSSO can be translated as a large concert it is a mysterious adventure for adults that turns into a cheerful enchanting spectacle with puppets. Each number of the concert is a small performance: ringing tap-dancing, the famous song Vologda in the jazz version, and incredible events when Charlie Chaplin meets Faust. Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky will sing chanson and small swans will toe and heel it, said employees of the Vologda Puppet Theatre Teremok.

    Besides, everybody will be able to learn about all existing systems of puppets: from glove puppets to tintamarresques and marionettes and to act as puppeteers.

    A unique exhibition of costumes used in all staged plays will be held in the Vologda Theatre for Children and Youth. People will be able to meet with Boris Granatov, artistic director of the theater, and to see one of the most long-expected performances of this year The Scarlet Sails.

    The Night at the Theatre will begin in the Vologda Puppet Theatre Teremok at 21:00 and in the Vologda Theatre for Children and Youth - at 19:30.

Yulia Savintseva



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