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  • 30.10.2015 09:38    Rubrics:  Society  
  • Vologdas searchers assembled Il-2 aircraft body

  • Members of the Vologda Search Group are assembling the legendary battleplane within the framework of the project Lets Revive the Legend Together. Now they have already made the load-carrying unit of the fuselage.

    We have already bought all necessary equipment that we will use to fix other parts to the fuselage. We have found drafts necessary for restoration of the central part of the aircraft. Next year we also plan to take part in grant contests to get necessary financing, said Ivan Dyakov, head of the Vologda Regional Youth Public Organization Vologda Search Group.

    They still lack specialists-engineers who could really help them to reconstruct the warplane. But nevertheless, the participants of the project underwent special training where they learnt in details about the technology of airplane reconstruction.

    It is worth reminding that they intend to restore the legendary Il-2 during three years. As a result, everybody will be able to see the airplane with the wing expansion of about 15 metres. It is planned to build a special exhibition pavilion-museum for it. It will tell visitors about its creator the aircraft designer Sergey Ilyushin, native of the Vologda region.

Yulia Savintseva



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