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  • 30.10.2015 12:29    Rubrics:  Culture  
  • Art exhibition will be staged in Vologda

  • The display “Energy of Colour” will be opened in the Museum-Creative Centre “Korbakov’s House” on November 6. It will present over 100 works of different genres painted by local artist Valery Popov. Visitors will be able to see a lot of sketches because he constantly works in the open air.

    “Valery Popov works in different genres of painting: landscape, still life, sometimes creates genre pieces and portraits. The landscape dominates in the creative activity of the painter. His outlook and artistic quest are expressed in the best way in this genre. Trips are the source of creative inspiration for Valery Popov. As a rule, they are regular, several times a year. He goes to specially organized plein air events in the country and abroad”, noted Maria Churkina, employee of the Vologda Regional Picture Gallery.

    It should be added that the exhibition “Energy of Colour” will be open at 13 Oktyabrskaya Street till the end of the year.

Maria Pozdeeva



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