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  • 31.10.2015 13:05    Rubrics:  Culture  
  • Gorny Convent will be restored in Vologda

  • According to the information of the official website of the Vologda Metropole, in late October, Metropolitan of Vologda and Kirillov Ignaty issued some edicts concerning revival of the Gorny Convent (Convent of the Assumption on the Hill) in Vologda. At present the Vologda Metropole plans to submit an application about restoration of the Gorny Convent to the Holy Synod.

    In the early 20th century, the Gorny Convent that functioned in Vologda from 1590 to 1918 was one of the largest cloisters in the Vologda eparchy and was famous for the collection of books in the library. After it had been closed, a canteen, storerooms, a soldier’s base and other institutions were located in the buildings of the convent.

    Restoration of the Assumption Church began in 1995. Services there have been conducted since 1996.

Yegor Kanavin



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