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  • 30.10.2015 12:04    Rubrics:  Tourism  
  • New guide-book of Vologda and region will be published

  • The new guidebook Vologda Region in the series Russian Guide Polyglot will be issued in November. It was composed in close cooperation with the Tourist Information Centre of the Vologda Region.

    The series Russian Guide Polyglot consists of over 100 guide-books of the most popular directions of Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania and, certainly, Russia. These are full-colour modern books printed on high grade paper.

    Making of such a guide-book will increase interest in Vologda and our region among tourists from different Russian cities, commented specialists of the Economic Development Department of the Vologda City Administration.

    The book contains 13 sections: Tourist brands of the districts of the Vologda land, Transport, Family recreation, Active rest, Historical background, Holidays, festivals, fairs, and others.

    The guidebook of the Vologda region contains information about 8 routes, 9 maps and schemes, including 5 with the routes along the main cities of the region. Tourists will be able to see the most interesting places of Vologda, Cherepovets, Totma, Veliky Ustyug and to visit local monasteries with the help of this book.

Alexander Spirichev



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