• Modificated: 03.05.2011

Vologda is a comfortable city where it is pleasant to live, to work, to do business and to bring up children. Our ancient and at the same time modern city is developing exactly in this direction.

According to the preliminary results of the population census 309 thousand people live in Vologda, 137 thousand among them are men. The birth rate in the regional capital has increased by 9% over the last 3 years and made up 3 779 children in 2010. The population loss due to natural causes has decreased by more than one and a half times in comparison with 2008 and is 369 people.

A stable tendency of the last years is decrease in infant mortality. During 3 years the number of deaths of children under 12 months has reduced by one third. One more pleasant tendency is positive dynamics of marriages. In 2010 more than 2600 marriages were registered; it is 8% higher than in 2009. ThedivorcenumberisdecreasingatthesametimeMore than 100 thousand inhabitants work at large-scale and medium-sized enterprises of the city. The number of employers in the sector of financial activities is growing over the last years.

The average monthly salary of workers in the large-scale and medium-sized organizations makes up 19 955 rubles. In 2010 it exceeded the average salary in the region by 3%.

The most well-paid field is financial activities - 37 157 rubles, the most low-paid - textile and clothing manufacture where the average monthly salary in 2010 made up 8 999 rubles.

The number of employers in the sphere of wholesale and retail trade, repair of vehicles and consumers goods has reduced over the last years.

The number of unemployed citizens in Vologda has made up more than 3200 people at the beginning of 2011; it is one and a half times less than in 2009. The number of vacant positions has increased by 1,6 times in comparison with the last years. Doctors, salespeople, nurses, drivers, mangers and kindergarten teachers are still in demand.

In 2010 over 3000 new workplaces were created in Vologda, most of them accounted for a new retail and entertainment centre. Besides, new places of work were opened at some large-scale enterprises, in the “Multifunctional centre rendering public services”, in the catering institutions. Jobs for 400 inhabitants-pensioners were created within the framework of the project “City discount card “Care”.

Migration contributes to population growth – it has increased fourfold over the last 3 years. The population has risen only thanks to migration by 1747 people in 2010.

The number of tourists is constantly increasing. In 2010 over 270 thousand people visited the regional capital. It is almost 44 thousand higher than in 2009. Guests from Belarus, Ukraine, Finland, France, Italy and Germany come to Vologda more often among foreign tourists.

All this shows that Vologda is an attractive and hospitable city where it is pleasant to live and to receive guests.