• Modificated: 03.05.2011

The level and development of the Vologda’s consumer market is not only an indicator of the economic well-being, but also of the inhabitants’ and visitors’ mood. That’s why consumer market of the regional capital is the most important part of the modern economy meeting everyday needs of the population.

The main features of trade in Vologda are stability and flexibility, high entrepreneurial and investment activity, positive trends of development. The competition level in the city field of trade is the highest in the region.

At present about 1500 shops work in the regional centre. Among them there are over 600 groceries and around 700 nonfood stores, over 100 shops of mixed range of goods, about 10 large trading networks.

The tendency of the last years is extension of retail area and construction of large shopping centres. Only over the last three years the retail area has increased by 100 thousand square metres and makes up 390 thousand. “Business-community” plans to build 30 trading objects within the next 5 years.

A small-scale retail trading network represented by over 720 pavilions, kiosk, trading objects at the stops and other kinds is also developing.

The requirements of catering are satisfied by about 450 organizations: 47 restaurants, over 60 cafes, 12 cafeterias, more than a hundred of snack bars, 180 organizations of the closed catering network.

Consumer services of the population are well developed and provided by more than 360 organizations: 182 among them are hairdressing saloons; over 70 render services of maintenance and repair of vehicles. The following services are also performed: repair and sewing of garments, manufacture of jewellery, production and repair of furniture, photography and other.

Department of Economic development of the Vologda City Administration realizes the improvement process of the commercial, catering and domestic service organizations.

Active policy of social reforms promotes securing of high development paces in all areas of the city activity; creates favourable entrepreneurial and investment climate.

A considerable part of the Vologda business-circle is socially oriented. Thanks to mutual understanding of the entrepreneurs and the city authorities the prices for socially important foodstuffs are pegged down. Agreements of intentions are guarantees for it.

Over the last years fair mechanism which is important social support for the inhabitants of the city is working effectively. More than a hundred of fairs are held annually in spring and autumn. Agricultural producers, enterprises of food and processing industries sell their products at reduced prices.

On the whole the system of consumer market and services is one of the most developing branches of the municipal economy which should provide the inhabitants, enterprises and organizations of the city with goods and services constantly and at a high level.