• Modificated: 03.05.2011

The leading braches of industry in Vologda are machine building, wood-working, food, textile and clothing industries.

Enterprises of mechanical engineering and metal working play one of the crucial roles in the city economy. Their share in the total output volume makes up more than 40%. At present Vologda is a large machine building centre in the North-West of Russia.

Positive dynamics in the shipment volume are shown by the enterprises which rely on modernization of manufacture, output of new kinds of produce, and development of new outlets.

The leading enterprises of this branch are the Vologda Ball-Bearing Factory, the Vologda Machine Building Factory, the Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant, “Trans Alpha Electro”, the Vologda Plant of Building Units and Road Machines, Kran service plus, the Vologda Railway Carriage Repair Works.

Along with machine building and metal-working, production of foodstuffs, including beverages, plays the most important role in the city economy. The enterprises of the food industry provide food security not only in the city of Vologda but also in the neighbouring districts. They occupy more than one third in the total industrial output volume.

The share of foodstuffs production in the total quantum of output shipped by large-scale and medium sized enterprises makes up 49% or over 11 billion rubles.

Manufacture of whole milk products, cheeses and cheese products, flour from cereal and vegetable crops increased in 2010.

Production of sausages, butter, bread and bakeries remains on a stable level. At the same time manufacture of meat and meat by-products is decreasing.

The leading enterprises of this branch are the Experimental Dairy Plant of Vologda State Dairy Farming Academy named after Nikolai Vereshchagin, Public limited corporation Zavod sortovih vodok (Vodka Factory) and other. The heritage of the city is high quality of the Vologda products well-known in Russia and in the world and their patent protection, famous Vologda butter.

Unique Vologda lace also enjoys wide popularity. The light industry is represented by the enterprises making lace, fur products, linen cloths, garments and knitwear.

The share of shipped produce in the total volume of goods shipped by large-scale and medium sized enterprises of manufacturing activities makes up about 2%.

The leading enterprise is Open Joint Stock Company Vologda textile. It consists of two industrial grounds with complete production cycle from scutched flax to finished fabrics and house textiles. It specializes in the output of tapestry and one-coloured fabrics in Vologda and in the output of jacquards in the city of Krasavino. At present Vologda textile realizes complex technical modernization of the manufacture within the framework of the long-term regional programme Development of linen complex in the Vologda Oblast in 2009-2012 directed to revival and promotion of the brand Vologda flax.

A special part is formed by the enterprises of folk crafts making lace ribbon by measure, lace articles, knitted linen articles, various souvenir goods with wood painting. Historically formed traditions of the folk crafts are continued by the lace company Snowflake, Association of Limited Lliability Industrial-Technical Company Voltri-Eurodesign, associations of limited liability Nerum and Nadezda.

The best works of craftsmen are exhibited at the largest Russian and international fairs, preserved in the museums of Vologda, Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other cities. Museum of Lace, justly called a national one, was opened in Vologda in 2010.

The wood working industry is represented by the Vologda Machine-Tool Plant and Severny Communar. The enterprises share in the wood working and manufacture of wood articles in the full quantum of output makes up 0,5%. Production of furniture and door units has increased by 13% and production of window units has decreased by 7%.

High technologies applied at the Vologda Machine-Tool Plant give an opportunity to produce various wood-working and road-building machines, gas generators, booms for mounting of high-voltage supports, transporters, conveyors, bunkers and other various products.

Severny Communar produces timber processing equipment, machinery equipment, lathes, processing lines, conveyors, transporters.

On the whole the volume index of industrial production in 2010 in the city of Vologda made up almost 104. It exceeds by 20 percentage points the index of 2009 and by 7 percentage points - of 2008.

Thanks to the stable positive dynamics, the industry of the city has managed not only to reach the pre-crisis level, but even to exceed it.