• Modificated: 03.05.2011

For the first time in 2011 the budget of the city of Vologda was formed for a three-year period and oriented to development and modernization. Investment projects will touch upon all the fields of the city activity. Precise key points are highlighted in all of them. At the same time the budget doesn’t lose its social direction.

Revenue budget items are formed by tax, non-tax and gratuitous receipts. The main part in the structure of tax yields is made up by income tax of natural persons – over 65%; assessed taxes account for more than 20%, transport and land tax - for 8% each, property tax of natural persons – about 6%.

Revenues from rendering paid services and compensations of the government expenditures account for the main share in the non-tax revenues (approximately one third of the amount). Proceeds from tangible and intangible assets sale occupy 30%.

Income from the use of state and municipal property, fines, sanctions, reparation of damages makes up 26% and 8% of non-tax revenues of the city budget, respectively.

The largest part in the structure of expenditure budget item is occupied by education (45%); housing and communal services account for 18%, public health, physical culture and sport – 16%, social policy – 9%.

In 2011 expenditures for the resettlement of citizens from dilapidated habitation and dangerous structures, repair of schools, kindergartens, school stadiums, city beatification were increased twofold.

Over the last 3 years the volume of receipts from tax payments to the budgets of all levels (without taking single social tax into account) collected from tax payers who are registered within the city of Vologda has increased almost by 20%.

The largest part in the structure of arrears falls on federal taxes: transport tax and property tax of natural persons.