• Modificated: 14.06.2011

Social sphere of Vologda, as a set of organizations and enterprises securing life and activity of people, first of all, in the service sector, is rather well-developed. Institutions of education, culture, public health, sport and catering function in the field of city social services. Work on social maintenance of inhabitants and on municipal services is carried out; transport and communication services are rendered.

An important program “Vologda – the city of good and care” is realized in Vologda. Its aim is to create a system of social partnership, i.e. to join efforts of the local self-government bodies and business for the implementation of humanitarian policy, patronage and voluntary civil initiatives. One of the main tasks of this program elaborated by the Department of Humanitarian Policy in the Vologda City Administration is to create comfortable conditions for citizens’ life in the city.

About 140 educational institutions work in the city, among them 79 kindergartens, 37 comprehensive schools, one evening school and three children’s homes. Besides, kids have an opportunity to attend institutions of additional education. There are 9 sports schools of artistic gymnastics, basketball, football, skating and other kinds of sport. Five musical and two art schools have been working in Vologda for many years. And around 10 institutions of different types offer various educational services.

The basis for the formation of state and public character of the control over education in Vologda was laid several years ago. Today the bodies of state and public control function actively in most educational institutions. The Council of heads working in Vologda initiates solution of problems in the municipal educational system concerning cooperation with social partners (the City Council of parents, oversight bodies, the public prosecutor's office, organizations of school catering, institutions of public health, deputies and officials of different level, the city committee of trade union and others).

The body of public health institutions also has a branched system including 7 city policlinics, among them 3 children’s ones, and a network of city pharmacies. There are 4 municipal unitary pharmaceutical enterprises, a pharmacy of the treatment and preventive establishment as a part of the municipal public health institution “Vologda city hospital № 1”.

Specialized centres provide social service to the population. The municipal institution “Complex centre of social service in the city of Vologda” work first of all with elderly people and invalids. The inhabitants of the city can apply to the “Centre of social security of the Vologda’s inhabitants” for hardship allowances or other payments. The “Territorial Centre of public assistance to families and children” was opened in Vologda to help families and children.