• Modificated: 14.06.2011

Gas supply of Vologda is a complex of technological and engineering structures developing mainly on the basis of natural gas.

The total level of the city gasification makes up 94,92%. The level of gasification with natural gas is 91,96 %, with liquefied gas – 3,23 % from the total level.

At present natural gas is supplied from two gas-distribution stations (GDS 1 – the city of Vologda, GDS 2 – settlement Dubrovskoye).

The system of gas supply is two-stage:

  • 1 stage – gas pipelines of high pressure to 0,6 MPa;
  • 2 stage - gas pipelines of low pressure to 0,003 MPa.

Gas-distribution stations are connected between each other for stable and reliable natural gas supply of the city.

Natural gas comes though a pipe-bend from the gas main Gryazovets – Leningrad. Besides, projected gas-distribution stations GDS-3 (settlement Doronino) and GDS-4 (settlement Marfino) are provided for.

Today Vologda has a formed system of gas distribution constructed in accordance with the gas supply scheme worked out by the Open JSC “GiproNIIgaz” (Saratov); it was adjusted in 1977 and 1989.

As a result of the analysis of the present gas distribution system, predicted gas consumption was evaluated in the development prospect and possibilities of work of the gas distribution system were determined.