• Modificated: 22.06.2011

The procedure of waste collection functioning within the municipal formation “the City of Vologda” was approved by the resolution of the Head of the City of Vologda № 309 of January 26, 2010. It establishes demands to waste collection aimed at prevention of deleterious effect of production and consumption residue on people’s health and environment by minimizing their placing volume in the natural environment, increasing the quantity of recycled waste, involving production and consumption residue into economic use as additional source of raw stock.

The demands of the present Procedure apply to all juridical and natural persons (including entrepreneurs without formation of juridical person), accomplishing any kinds of activity within the municipal formation “the City of Vologda” during the process of which production and consumption residue is made, used and neutralized.

Analyses of free air quality are made in Vologda at the look-out station in Chekhov Street at 7 city crossroads. The state institution “Vologda centre of hydrometeorology and environment monitoring” carries out observation. As a result of its examinations minor excesses (1,5-2,0 MPC) are marked at the crossroads of Gorky – Chernyshevsky Streets and Konev – Mozhaisky Streets in the following indices: suspended matters, nitrogen dioxide, carbon oxide. Exceeded concentration of contaminants in the free air is connected with large quantity of motor transport which is the main source of atmospheric air pollution.

Solid domestic waste and bulky waste is collected and removed by the Close Corporation “EKOPROM-Vologda”, the Associations of Limited Liability “Fryazinovo-1”, “Soyuz” and “Titan”. At present 1484 container sites with 4570 containers are used in the city; 4382 among them with the capacity of 0,7 cubic metres are for solid domestic waste. It is collected every day according to the system of irremovable containers and removed from the city in accordance with three schemes: route charts, one-time requests, self-removal. Regular removal of solid domestic waste is provided for on the basis of long-term contracts with customers and the constant schedule of dust-carts. Bulky waste is removed in accordance with the established schedule and by requests when executing a contact. Solid domestic waste is placed to the city refuse dump located at 40 Mira Street.

Analyses of water quality in the Toshnya, Sodema and Shogrash Rivers are made. They show that ammonia nitrogen exceeds by 2 times in the Toshnya River; suspended matters – by 2-3 times and ammonia nitrogen - by 3-4 times in the Shogrash River; ammonia nitrogen - by 1,5-2,0 times in the Sodema River.

In case of emergency situations specialists of the Department of Municipal Economy in the Vologda City Administration together with the municipal institution “Centre of civil protection in the city of Vologda” attracting specialized organizations take necessary measures to localize them.

In 2010 the specialists conducted 160 check-ups in respect of juridical persons and individual entrepreneurs; 112 among them were scheduled inspections, 48 – unscheduled ones (work check-up of issued instructions).